October 19, 2002

summit at blackwoods

A martini consists of purely alcoholic ingredients. There’s a reason people drink these things when they get home from work. Mine was bright blue and looked like liquid candy, but tasted like a chemical dependency.

Tonight some nerds went to Blackwoods Bar and Grill and Rack and Thumb Press and Coffin. Jen couldn’t concentrate on the menu and we kept shooting off on wild tangent conversations about weblogging and digital cameras and other nerdy Internet crap. Jason was quiet most of the evening, but would interject hilarious quips at the most appropriate of times. Chris was a jerk, as usual. Chris and Jason were talking about some sort of contest put on by McDonald’s. I was busy being drunk and talking politics with Corina, so I only caught part of their conversation.

“So, is Ronald hosting the thing, or what?” asked Chris.

“No,” replied Jason. “It’s actually Grimace. And the Fry Guys are judging.”

Corina asked me what I thought the next months held for the world. I answered in some slurred code about Saddam and his connections to Al-Qaida (there’s a reason terrorist attacks are increasing as America prepares to attack Iraq, and it’s not because Saddam and Al-Qaida held a bake sale for blind children a couple years ago) and war and rebuilding Iraq with freedom and democracy leaking out from its borders into the Arab world… but my words were soaked more with alcohol than anything else. Our server’s name was Jonas, looking for the whale, thanking us for all the sho’nuffs, and he was a political science major. He asked if I was a poli-sci major.

“Nope. I’m just an idiot.”

My car is still somewhere over at the Nerd House. I’ll need to go for a morning run tomorrow to pick it up.