October 21, 2002

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college tuition jumps five percent this year

“Jumps”? “Five Percent”? UMD’s tuition went up 16 percent this year. Tuition on the Twin Cities campus went up 13.5 percent, with a required 13 credit enrollment. I’d kill for a five percent jump.

“I think what happened is that everyone became too fat, dumb and happy in the 1990s when family income was up and we had donors with too much money to give away. Now we’ll have to buckle down.”

Hmm. Call my a cynic, but increasing the cost of a service during an economic recession does not strike me as proper ‘buckling down’.

AP Corrects College Costs Story

The Associated Press reported erroneously on Oct. 21 that tuition and fees at four-year public colleges rose 5.8 percent for this school year compared with last year, according to study by the College Board. The study actually found that the increase was 9.6 percent, from $3,725 last year to $4,081 this year.

That’s better.