November 1, 2002

herbane ka-chunking

Today is Friday. You are likely looking for something fun to do. Here are some inspirational urban spelunking sites.

Action Squad -A group o’ punks that do it up in the Twin Cities area. Their presence in the spelunking world is matched only by their extensive website. These guys are permalinked here at Dane’s Bored.

Sydney Cave Clan -Aussies are crazy, and these guys have flung together a nice site. Look at Featured Places for missions, pictures, etc. Do you yearn for kilometers of unfettered underground exploration? Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath the Sydney Opera House?

Minneapolis Drain Archives -Super hardcore group that uses inner-tubes, climbing equipment and canoes to reach their underground destinations. The journals went dead in ’99. I really hope these guys aren’t stuck down a hole somewhere.

Minsk Diggers -My familiarity with the Russian language ends at ‘da’, and I don’t even think I spelled that right. If anyone out there can decipher this site… whee! I tried Google’s translator, but it doesn’t do Russian so I tried to do a Spanish to English translation instead but that just gave me a whole bunch of question marks and it seems Google and I are in the same boat. Phi-otos leads to the photo gallery. There are a heck of a lot of photos, and that’s a language I speak.

Subciety -Look at the size of that room! Click on Expedition Info for the meat. Sad that you live in boring new-history Colorado and can’t find anywhere to explore? Just go check out some Abandoned Titan Missile Silos.

Wraiths -Urban exploration in Vancouver, British Columbia.

FortunateMind -Mostly asylum stuff. Not underground, but exploration nevertheless.

Thanks, Commander Chainsaw! I have reposted the updated links on my main page.
My friend Luke, currently based in Boulder, Colorado, really needs to start hanging out with you guys.