November 6, 2002

be more selfish, dammit!

The problem with a moral theory based on selfishness is that humans are so irrational you can’t even expect them to act in their self-interest.

Case and point. The library forbids beverages in disposable containers. The likely reason is because people would leave them behind and generate an unsightly pile of trash that would look a lot like my room right now. Now, I’ve smuggled disposable beverages into the library a couple of times, but am always prudent to smuggle them out. There is no sense in fanning the flames of this controversy, just for the glorious reward of leaving my trash where I choose. It’s in my best interest to keep my beverages on the down-low, and not leave them around the library and attract interest to the issue.

I don’t want increased library security for beverage control, as it’s already to the point where Ryan can’t even ritualistically set off the alarm system without getting harassed by library personnel.

Not everyone shares my sentiments, apparently. I drifted into the library to do some reading, shot towards my usual window-seat cubicle… only to find some slob has left his (or her) styrofoam coffee cup behind. Could this be classified as a selfish act? Yes, but it would be more accurately classified as a stupid act. I will speak nothing about the public good of throwing your trash away, keeping a low profile when willfully breaking rules, etc…

But please, when you can’t even be trusted to act in your own self-interest, where then can you be trusted? I mean, for fuck’s sake. Act in such a way to avoid confrontation and allow your unhindered enjoyment of a disposable beverage.

News and controversy around here seems to be at an all time low. Follow Ryan’s link to stolen penguins, instead.

The point you just made is at the crux of my philosophy and social theory. Rational self-interest is a good principle, provided that it’s ACTUALLY RATIONAL. So many people just don’t get it… myself included, of course.
But the cup thing is fucking basic.
Did you get my email? is fuxxored.
And dude. Would you believe me if I told you that I stole the penguins from Tulsa and am holding them for ransom here in Tokyo, to fund my moist-towelette smuggling operation? It’s not true, but I wish it were.