November 10, 2002

the grace of sunny wicked

Sunny Wicked @ the Amazing Grace

A band of nerds at their acoustic show Saturday night. I took lots and lots of blurry photographs, as the lighting was turned to sexy and I don’t like the way a flash washes out colors. I opted for long exposures with a steady hand.

Funny thing, though. The flash photos were the best of all of them. In post-processing the colors weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be, and I actually liked how they turned out. Goes to show how much I have to learn about photography.

It’s fun to bulk up my activities with fancy names. When I say post-processing, I mean downloading pictures to my computer, seeing them for the first time off a flimsy LCD screen, running auto-levels where appropriate, telling Photoshop to generate a photo gallery, and finally uploading stuff all across creation. It takes a few hours (especially when I’m doing three galleries at once), but really it’s a lot of time spent listening to music, cleaning my room, spilling pop on my keyboard and cursing at the internet.

It’s fun, but not as much fun as going for a half-hour run through Chester Bowl to catch my car at the Nerd House.

This has been a weekend of most excellence.