November 12, 2002

grocott’s citations – thematic

By “I really should go to sleep” I either meant that I really should go to sleep, or I really should throw some clothes on, hop in the wagon, pick up Zosia and meet Alex and Ben down at the Twins Bar on 4th and 4th.

With Alex’s help I sorted out some gritty relational quandries while Ben and Zosia prepared to elope down in Mexico. The Twins Bar closed at 1:00 so we packed up our gig and moved it to the Capri Bar in Soup Town.

I bought Zosia a scotch at the last bar, so this time ’round she treated me to a glass of ice water with lemon. Ben and Alex played a game of shit-faced ping-pong but did so much better than me and Zosia, as I was too busy dancing to Sex Machine to hit the pong.

We ground peanut shells into the floor. Superior ground to a halt at 2 am. I really haven’t slept since 11 am on Sunday.

ah, nothing like the opposite sex, alcohol, and sleep deprivation to provide the proper setting for madness. good luck with untroubled sleep – i’ve yet to discover a solution…