January 31, 2003

wild party girls caught on tape

Ya want it? You want damning proof that Iraq is lying? The Bush administration says they got it.

Electronic intercepts by the NSA are considered the most jealously guarded of all U.S. intelligence secrets and government officials are normally loath to even refer to their existence for fear of tipping off targets and drying up invaluable sources of information.

But in this case, officials said, the intercepts are so damning and dramatic that officials say their release outweighs the potential harm?especially given the increased likelihood that the United States will shortly be launching an invasion of Iraq anyway.

“Hold onto your hat. We?ve got it,” said one U.S. intelligence official familiar with the evidence gathered by the NSA.

I wish he had said “Hold onto your butts,” instead. That would have been damn cool, givin’ the ol’ hat tip to Jurassic Park like that.