February 13, 2003

oh sweet mother of crap!

What happens when you take a Japanese children’s song, a slight grasp of Macromedia Flash, every possible item of pop culture taken from a diseased library of clip art, throw it all in a burlap sack and toss it down the fire escape?


But of course. This one will hurt hurt! the first time you watch it, but after you catch yourself whistling the tune later in the day, you’ll be inexplicably drawn to it again. And again.

…After the first run through I understood about half the lyrics of that song. It made marginally less sense than the accompanying images. There will be no second run through to confirm or deny this.
So I took the plunge last night and registered web space and a domain name at pair.com (thanks to your evil and lecherous hosting recommendation). I would reveal the domain name except it hasn’t been activated yet, and right now there’s nothing there. Needless to say it is NERD and should be avoided at all costs.

So I assume the lyrics are indeed Japanese, then, or has your brain has become so thoroughly twisted that you can ‘understand’ lyrics in a language from the Void of Beyond?
Glad to hear you’ve entered into the domain collective! We are a mighty bunch. I ponder what possible domain you have up your sleeves.
Nerd, indeed.

yep, it’s definitely Japanese. Singing about random numbers, memories, something else… dunno.
note the SUBTLE SHIFT of url that accompanies this post… heh heh heh.

oooh, Dave. I’m excited. I assume it’s going to be a dating service, hookin’ up Otakus with Otakus lookin’ for some casual l33t 53xx0r. I WANT TO BE USER #1.