February 15, 2003

everybody supernova

The Spontaneous Combustion Jazz Sextet Valentine’s Day Throwdown at the Blue Max tonight was fantastic. The crowd dug our band so much we honored some drunken song requests. By the end of the night our cigar box was brimming with cash, and we walked away from the place with $40 apiece. I’m probably gonna spend all mine on pr0n and a box of wine, but ya know, whatever.

On the drive back we stopped at Rob’s place so Pat could pick up his bag and head over to his girlfriend’s place for a midnight candlelight dinner. While giving Dave a ride back to his apartment we picked up a very cold, very appreciative hitchhiker and gave him a ride back to campus.

“What are you guys listening to?”

“Presidents of the United States of America.”

“Oh man. These guys were cool.”

Ahh man, was that concert on Friday good. I sat back threw back some rounds of quarter spinning as I jammed to the improv beats.
The entertainment not only came from the music though, but from Dave being hit on by a very intoxicated pretty old lady.
You lady killer you, Dave.