February 22, 2003

alternative mumbo-jumbo

Lileks’ Friday Bleat was good. Read it with this in mind:

It takes a particularly rarified variety of idiot to look at a Jew-hating fascist with a small mustache – and decide that his opponent is the Nazi.

But what kind of idiot would be so foolish and cruel to do such a thing? A special idiot. One that unreflectively digets the Ripsaw. Or the Weekly Reader. Or One. Or the City Pages. Or any of those alternative tripe newspapers that you turn to with the thought that now you’re getting the real story by not reading the Wall Street Journal.

Be careful out there.

just a thought, but from my standpoint, the wall street journal is about as far from the ‘real’ story as “any of those alternative trip newspapers.”
too many agendas in this world being pushed by those in control of the media outlets.
the truth hides in the in-betweens.

I believe the Wall Street Journal is a bit more civil and well-researched than alt-weeklies. Too many agendas being pushed by those in control of the alternative outlets as well. Those in control are just more decentralized and appear more harmless.
Indeed, though. I agree that all publications put their own spin on the news. It’s part of the business.

it couldn’t just be an odd coincidence. no, that wouldn’t be possible. it couldn’t be that random people found the same graphic file on the internet and printed it off seperately. naw. it couldn’t be that those signs (or a fascimile thereof) have been in rally after rally after rally for the previous 60 years and two people came up with the same idea for printing them… not that.
the truth is probably far simpler than some sort of socialist conspiracy.
just a thought.