February 26, 2003

liberate iraq signs!

Support Our Troops!

Get your own yard sign!

Duluth — Friday, Feb. 28th, 4pm – 6pm: Piedmont Plaza, 2818 Piedmont Ave

St. Paul — Saturday, March 1st, Noon – 2pm: Minnesota State Capitol

I’ll pick mine up before driving down to the Cities. I’m gonna be seeing Yonder Mountain String Band and my parents who have been in Hawaii for two weeks and my friend who’s been in Japan for the last four months. If you want a ride over to Piedmont gimme a holler. We’ll make it a party.

And here’s a photo gallery from their last distribution, where they gave away 5,000 signs.

cool – everyone gets the right to express their own opinion. maybe now since they can get their own the folks out stealing ‘say no to war with iraq’ signs will stop. its always nice when people do something constructive (as opposed to destructive) with their time.
can’t say i agree with the commentary at the bottom of the pics. ‘the leftists created me’? my ass. he (the originator of the signs you’re advertising) feels necessary to formulate a public opinion in response to one he doesn’t agree with. perhaps he should be proud enough of what he does to claim it as his own and not try to blame it on those he disagrees with.

Erm… I don’t think it’s so much a passing of blame, but an acknowledgment of what precipitated his call to action. The fellow finds himself typically moderate, but seeing the anti-war folk stomping around hand-in-hand with anti-Americanists and communists was enough to rouse him to action.
The leftists created me, too, I suppose. Without the lefties I would never see the flipside of this issue. Without a constant barrage of piss-poor arguments and moral elitism, I would never have known which side I really wanted to be on.
In a way, I should thank the lefties for giving me a wall to push off from. Signs that equate Bush with Hitler and the U.S. with Nazi Germany, American flags with swastikas in place of stars, arguments that claim it’s all about oil and ignore all the evidence to the contrary (though all that evidence is a huge WSJ conspiracy, of course) organizations that praise Saddam’s resistance to U.N. demands, people that call for the continued murder, torture and oppression of the Iraqi people under a brutal regime, anti-war speakers that ignore all cries from Iraqi exiles for liberation…
Yes, thank you, lefties. Thank you for making my path so clear.

too bad for this lefty i lack the time to refute the some of the points you’re making…kudo’s to you for taking the time.
seems ironic to me though that portions of your statements i can take and state verbatim, simply from the opposite side of the spectrum. i.e. “Without a constant barrage of piss-poor arguments and moral elitism, I would never have known which side I really wanted to be on.”
yada yada yada.
it’s hard to keep a fresh mind on all of this. i’m too jaded.