February 28, 2003

dog = wheelbarrow

“The dog is howling again.”

“We should just have it join the band.”

“Yeah. We could have it on stage during our next show.”

“In a cage.”

“And feed it beer.”

“And we’d be known to everyone as that band with the drunk dog.

“Yeah. So, I saw this band last night. Oh yeah, how were they? I don’t remember… but their dog was cool.


“We should get together over the weekend, have a few beers and run some charts.”

“Yeah, and answer the phone all drunk and be like, Hey you, I’m answering the phone all drunk!

“What if your mom called?”

“I’d be all like, Mom, what the hell are you doing calling me today? You know Saturday is my drinking day!

“Drinking Day. Or as we called it around my house, Father’s Day.”



“That’s not funny.”