March 6, 2003

coolerest things now

Alright peoples, here’s everything cool you need to know for the next couple days:

FRIDAY: Spontaneous Combustion (my rockin’ jass quintet) at the Norshor Theatre for MPiRG’s “Save the Spirit Mountain Rainforest” benefit concert, or something like that. We’ll be accompanied by the likes of Hobo Alley and Indefinite Particle Article. SC goes on stage at 9:00.

SATURDAY: UMD Jazz Ensemble I at the Marshall Performing Arts Center. These things usually start at 7:30, and there are only 23 tickets left for this show. Rock it.

SUNDAY: Take a deep breath.

MONDAY: Spontaneous Combustion at Pizza Luce, opening for Flam Sharam. We’ll likely go on at 9:00 once everyone gets naked.

NEXT FRIDAY (March 14th): The Geekquel Prequel. Vinne and the Stardusters and a boatload of other cool bands at Pizza Luce. I’ll be out of town, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a loser, too.


Im diggin the live Jazz. Dane you should be real honored Im missing a Stuart Davis show to go to your show. Rock on!
Oh and any mention of the Geek Prom puts me just one step closer to Rage! Stupid geeks and their stupid 21 plus. I hate you because I cant be one of you!