March 9, 2003

no more war (updates)

Some people in Duluth celebrated International Women’s Day by standing up for a brutal dictatorship that oppresses women. Police say 500 protestors were present, while protestors say 1,400. Either way, it’s still less than the last protest, which makes me seriously doubt the headlines that scream ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT GAINING STEAM OH GOD WATCH OUT FOR THE UNSTOPPABLE JUGGERNAUT OF THE UNKEMPT. Meanwhile, some people in Afghanistan celebrated International Women’s Day by launching a radio station for women.

Last week, 700,000 idiots clogged up e-mail inboxes at Congress and the White House, asking the government to win this war without going to war. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is set to launch its own Internet domain on Monday. It’s a mostly symbolic event, as most Afghans still can’t afford Internet access, but it’s a step in the right direction.

hate to say it, dane, but i’m one of those 700,000 idiots. i don’t agree with your stance on the war, but i haven’t called you an idiot yet. watch the rhetoric and the insults, please. unkempt, maybe…
-kranky old fart bahls

hmmm…and by ‘hate to say it’ i mean i’m sorry i feel i need to reiterate this to you, not that i’m ashamed to be anti-war.

one more thought on this cranky-attitude eve:
stick to the humor and philosophical explorations that you know best, dane. you’re fucking hilarious to read and make some poignant arguments – but not when it comes to war with iraq. from my standpoint (albeit anti-war) you come off as a rhetoric loving, hate-filled, and ignorant individual. at least lately, anyways. you sound smart as hell otherwise. i don’t know if it’s emotion clogging your logic sense or just cynacism creeping up on a polarized view, but peek at some of the comments you’ve made lately and see if you see what i do. perhaps i’m just feeling insulted, perhaps i see something here. i don’t know.

Sorry, dude. I think the problem is that I need more hobbies that don’t involve politics in any way shape or form. I’ve read enough about the issues to be an asshole, but not enough to make any difference whatsoever.
It seems that international events and opinions and crap and such bring out the worst in me. I really wish I could just ignore the whole war thing, but it’s this awful thorn in my side that makes me really, really cranky in nasty ways and I need to let it out somehow.
I’ve been trying to wean myself off of warmongering, but I can’t seem to find enough inspiration that addresses nicer things. The switch back to humor and philosophy will be a gradual process, but know this: your words cut, and I will try.
[slams head into desk]
“Nobby tried to warn Harry Potter! Nobby must punish himself!”

man, my words are just words, ’twas a long day and a late reading. i just find your blog at a higher quality than most and like to see it stay that way. dropping into war rants has lately left your blog floating in the mediocrity of cnn and fox news. anywho, write what you will – my opinion is just that, mine.
a smart guy once looked at me after i laid out a long rant and stated this pearl of wisdom,
“talky, talky, words, words.”