March 10, 2003

famovs stvdies

The Geekquel Prequel TV spot was a rolicking success. We had the expert geek panel and the geek interviewers all set up in the fake living room in the Channel 3 studio. I got up and was all like:

“One time I was with my friends and we stayed up really late playing D&D and drinking Mountain Dew and we got really far and then we ate Captain Crunch and Pop Tarts and it was really fun… is this going to be fun like that?”

I wish I could say it was more articulate than that, but it probably wasn’t. I hope that both someone I know and no one I know watched the news this morning.

Afterwards, Sandy and I went to Caribou Coffee, where her acid-washed black boots that complemented her Run Lola Run look kept falling apart, leaving black chunks of rubber behind.

I got about four hours of sleep last night. Spontaneous Combustion goes on stage at 11:00 tonight. I think I’m going back to bed.

i wish i could’ve seen that statement made (speaking as a former d&d nerd myself). aw. see you tonight at the show. you guys played some mean (can smooth be mean?) tunes the other night at the norshor.

Thanks, Hobo! We on at 11:00 tonight, and there are rumors of a collaboration between Flam Sharam and Spontaneous Combustion for the last set. Should be a mean (and by mean I mean smooth) time.
As for the news clip, I’m sure there’s a copy drifting around, somewhere… We’ll find it and throw a D&D party.