March 15, 2003


ATTENTION: Please do not leave children unattended. Unattended children will be confiscated and may be destroyed.

Currently blogging from the Denver International Airport, the only airport with a terminal with a “day at the circus” theme.

UPDATE: I gotta make this quick because our plane to Portland is boarding and I’m being charged 25 cents a minute for internet access. Please do not forget to send postcards to the Coolest Club Ever. Ryan and I sent four, today.

“Dane, Do you think they sell postcards here?”

“Of course not, Ryan. This is a post office, not a mailing center.”

“My suitcase was ticking?”
“Throwers don’t worry about bags that tick, but when a bag vibrates we have to call the police.”
“My bag was VIBRATING?”
“9 times out of 10 it’s an electric razor, but every once in a while… it’s a dildo.
However, it’s company policy to never imply ownership in the case of a dildo. We use the indefinite article… A dildo, not YOUR dildo.”
“But I don’t own a….”

This has nothing to do with the subject here, but this is just something I find annoying on the web page. Whenever i am bored and by a computer, i just randomly check links, and i have noticed that the noble hobo webpage has been underconstruction for a very long time. Now, i realize hobos are busy, but come on. I think you should change the link from noble hobo to lazy hobo. That oughtta motivate nate. ahhhhh, just kiddin’ I bet its tough to update your webpage when you live in a tent……