March 24, 2003


New design. It’s still got a few kinks, but it’s what I’ve been able to muster during the last three hours of not studying and not writing and not doing homework.

The design layout is still corralled by tables, as I can’t figure out the CSS commands for arranging space independent of the HTML code. Ideally I want to do a design similar to that at All his style and layout is determined by the cascading style sheet, which leaves the HTML code responsible only for content. This separation of design and content allows quick, site-wide changes to design, as instead of changing colors, borders and backgrounds across hundreds of HTML files, I can just change the stylesheet that all those files have been told to reference.

You can see this in the green glob that now adorns the bottom of all the pages on my site. I changed the “bottom” style on the stylesheet to make it consistent in the blog template, but since all pages reference the “bottom” object, it changes them all against my wishes. I could quickly fix this by telling the blog index to reference a new stylesheet object, like “blog-bottom”, but since I plan on eventually changing all the pages to this new style anyway, it really isn’t worth the trouble, now. That, and I really, really should be doing homework.

This, my friends, is forward compatibility, and it saves me a bundle of time.