March 25, 2003

tar pits

I ran out of printer paper, so I filled my inkjet with looseleaf notebook paper. It works really well, though sometimes the printer gets excited while printing stuff out real fast in draft mode and crumples up all its finished sheets in one big messy pile.

So far I’ve found five of ten required scholarly sources for my research paper. I’ve tapped the holy grail of Inter-Library Loan, but they’ve mostly given me redundant PDF files and referred me to periodicals that are supposed to exist somewhere in the UMD library. What’s more, when they finally sent me a useful article in PDF form, they sent me the citation information for the journal that UMD doesn’t stock, rather than the article itself. Thanks, guys.

I noticed my pen wasn’t writing well, so I naturally brought the tip to my tongue to help it elucidate my thoughts. After a short moment I felt the distinct stinging taste of scorpions fill my mouth and I knew I was in for something interesting. As it turns out, riding around in my pocket through Portland and airports and school had loosened up the ink in my pen a bit, and it decided to find escape in my mouth.

I garbled a few obscenities and ran to the bathroom to survey the damage. My roommate peeked in and recoiled in terror. I rinsed repeatedly, but ink stains flesh for some reason. My teeth, mouth and lips are black. I look like I’ve been eating tar.