Sorry. I’ve been meaning to install soul scripts on my server to support active displays of affection. The current configuration may have misinterpreted your emotion as a malignant HTML script and stripped it out of the post.
These computer things are so damn interesting!
And I mean that with all sincerity!

And another interesting thing I just found. A few months ago, one dear reader asked that I turn off the required e-mail address submission for commenting, as nasty little bots crawl through websites these days, looking for mailto: and @ symbols and .com and stealing everything in between to nomenclature.
While looking at the Movable Type code included in my entry templates I noticed an ‘anti-spam’ tag that goes around the comment author’s address. Poking around the HTML I found that Movable Type was encoding the symbols in e-mail addresses with their HTML equivalents, making them less visible to bots.
Less visible, but not invisible, as shown by this article in Jeffrey Zeldman’s A List Apart. This program will encode any e-mail address into JavaScript language, which is coherently translated by your browser but is a mish-mash of numbers for spam bots.
I used this program to encode my e-mail address on the front page of my weblog. It’s possible I could delve into the Movable Type code and rewrite its anti-spam measures to use the JavaScript encoding as well, and give every commenter the same amount of protection.
This is so, so cool.

Yeah. Those links in my last post? I had included target=”_blank” and title=”a lozenge for the speen” in the code, but Movable Type stripped it all out.
As Bokonon said. “Busy, busy, busy.”