April 12, 2003

spastic nerdwads

Besides working at geek prom, there’s probably nothing geekier than blogging at geek prom. Remember in high school how only the lame kids were the ones on the prom planning committee? How bad is it when you’re out of high school and still running prom?

We have a drink here called the pocket protector. It is orangey and alcoholic. We have a drink here called the All-American Hero. It has cranberry juice and Red Bull. We’ve currently inputted 500 of 1200 votes into the King and Queen Magic Decoding Database. Once we’re finished we’ll know who our royalty is this year. It will take a lot more Heroes until this job is done.

Aqua Man is here. The Doogla has a light bulb shoved down his spandex.

My current alignment is set at chaotic neutral, but that will definitely change as the night unfolds.