April 17, 2003

rotten apple cowboy

I’m gonna start a record company that doesn’t exist, that produces webpages and t-shirts for bands that don’t exist. A few featured bands will be Billy and the Grazing Phalli, No Nuts to Tuck, The Trigger Hippies, Not Pot, the Ice D1ldo Company, the Rotten Apple Cowboys, Cacti Genocide, Trouser Invasion, and Arthur C. Lamarck’s Quietude. Maybe not so much that last one, but maybe so. Any suggestions are welcome.

We’ll do web design on the side, too. When all is said and done this is going to rock so hard people won’t know what hit ’em.

Today I ordered 100 hazardous materials stickers that all say SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTIBLE. They won’t be around in time for my last show with our band, but at least they can be circulated to ensure a lasting legacy.

Ever notice how you feel more naked when you leave your socks on?