April 21, 2003

particle motion

The nice thing about rain is that it’s rhythmic. It implies movement. Tiny streams turn into echoes when they disappear down storm drains. Rain drops shimmer in puddles lit by streetlamps, popping in and out of existence like Hawking’s virtual particles. The sounds in spring storms release energy that’s been pent up inside for months.

Things have been cruising around here. The last three weeks since spring break have been absolutely frought with activity, band concerts, papers, essays, web projects, the occasional bout with insanity, etc, etc, etc. Par for the course for doing stellar undergrad work, really, and I’m almost done with the whole kiboodle.

I can’t believe I just wrote kiboodle.

I think I’ll write it again.


Spent the weekend (or at least the part of it where I was awake, as I didn’t get to sleep until 5:30 in the morning on Saturday after our Luce gig… after-party at Rob’s and all) down in the Cities, tooling around with family and family friends. People are absolutely floored by how much I’ve done these past years, how much I grew old (but not up) at summer camp, how I’m starting to find myself leading stuff and doing a fine-darned job at it. Less than a month, now, and I’ll be dropped smack in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the United States.


Lately I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting my own business, so I’ve started hounding people with experience in these matters for some dicey information on how to do it. One person advised, “First, figure out where you want to live. From there, figure out what you want your business to be.”

Well, we’re making good on step one, at least. A year ago I had no idea Hood River existed. Nine months ago I became windsurfing director at summer camp. Eight months ago I decided it would be cool to work in Hood River for a summer before I graduate. Five months ago I decided I would work there this summer after I graduate. Three months ago to the day I got my first job offer. A little over a month ago I spent a day spinning through Hood River, saw my job and found a place to live. In less then a month I need to warm up the wheels on the wagon and get outta Dodge.

But it doesn’t end there. I always need a Next Big Thing, and having the different threads of This Big Thing weaving together so nicely I’m looking ahead, again. Everything depends on what happens this summer, but currently I am absolutely enamoured by the idea of starting my own web design company. It’s definitely a taller order than finding a job in a really neat town, but I feel like I was made for these things. Bring it on, buddy. I’ve done it all before. I’ve been on the Dean’s List since I got to college. I’ve gotten a 4.0 GPA the last three semesters. I played as lead alto in Jazz One. I played in a regularly gigging jazz combo. I worked at summer camp (and narrowly avoided being torn to shreds by nasty little kids). I became a reporter, and then a humor writer for the Statesman. I started a website. I started a weblog. I redid the course website for one of my professors. I’m currently in the mix of redesigning the website for an entire Department.

I’d say I’m surviving my undergrad, but that would be inaccurate.

I’m thriving, baby.

Wanna team up? As in, can I hire you to build and maintain the back end for the online iteration of a geek (Japanese shite/games/comics) store?