May 2, 2003

god bless aquaman

The Homegrown Music Festival got kicked off today. In transit between events via the Great Big Blue Van, KUMD has been playing Postal Service, Saturday Looks Good to Me and Built to Spill. Had beer at the Fitger’s Brewhouse with people I know through Wooch, Geek Prom, UMD, the Ripsaw and gigging around Duluth.

Made the foolish choice of wearing sandals to the Norshor to see the Black Eyed Snakes. Most toes are now shattered. Feet are now the color of whatever the Norshor floor turns into when it gets soaked in beer. It looks like beef stroganoff.

It’s fun to watch bald men mosh with vegans.

my toes came through relatively unscathed (save something unrecognizable stuck to a toe nail) but my back is shot. ye olde hobo won’t be bending at the waist anytime soon…
still, all worth it to shake my booty for a bit.