May 4, 2003

g’morn’ bruce, mornin’ bruce

Mr. Dave made the following discovery at yesterday’s Scottish Country Fair:

Bruce International

The perfect club for all you Bruces out there, and a fine dandy of a website to boot. When you hover ‘about us’ you get a picture of two half-naked men. There are also animated flag gifs and pictures of old men in silly hats and skirts. Active members include Rex Bruce, Billy Bruce and President Dick Bruce.

We’re not of the family ‘Bruce’. We’re not of Scottish descent. But we’re gonna become members of this organization thanks to their ‘Interested Individuals’ application clause. For $250 you can become a lifetime member and an official card-carrying Bruce.

As Dave said, “The kitsch value is unsurpassable.”

To quote from Bruce International, Rex Bruce is as follows:

Rex A. Bruce
Born 7-9-28 in Bloomington, Indiana, married with two children, four grandchildren.
Founded Bruce International, 1980, and loyal to our chief, Rt. Hon. Lord Elgin of Scotland.

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.