May 29, 2003

the brain works overtime

Last night I had a dream it was finals week and I had forgotten to write a seven page essay for my web design final. No matter, I thought, for it was only Wednesday and the paper wasn’t due until Thursday. Then I remembered we moved the due date up to Wednesday. I was screwed.

My father said I’ll be having these collegiate dreams for fifteen years, yet.

I also dreamed we were running around in a building that was one-third abandoned warehouse, one-third university and one-third old castle. There were lots of rats running around on the floors, on the walls and squirming about in the sofas. They looked like dachshunds so I picked one up to pet it. It kept biting me.

At one point a high school hockey team showed up and dropped off their gear bags. We never saw them again. Their team colors were red and white.

Outside at night, one of my friends tried to stomp on a huge spider. Turns out it was a scorpion. Makes me think he should have stuck to the scorpion bowls down at Jack’s.

While driving down the road (which looked a lot like South Dakota) to the castle we passed a number of other neat abandoned buildings. Some were fancy company buildings with green tinted glass. It looked like they had been abandoned after the dot com disaster, and years of graffiti and kids on motorbikes had taken their toll.

There was no nuclear reactor, but I’m sure it’ll pop back up in due time.