July 13, 2003

It’s got kittens, RPGs & skull rings

Whenever I suffer from persistent, itchy, flaky scalp, I reach for the new Sunny Wicked Weblog.

Angels an Endangered Species? Not so at the Sunny Wicked Weblog.

Saddam and Osama have a secret love life, and it is all-the-more secret now that the entire free world can’t find them! You heard it first at the Sunny Wicked Weblog.

The Sunny Wicked Weblog: Better than Botox.

Single-handedly responsible for stopping the spread of SARS. That’s the Sunny Wicked Weblog.

Make more money in a new career with the Sunny Wicked Weblog.

Never ruin Father’s Day again. Always consult the Sunny Wicked Weblog.

REV. ADAMS IS A LOUISIANA WONDER WOMAN. Her fabulous miracles will change your life for the better. You will feel her powers within minutes of talking to her. Call the Sunny Wicked Weblog today and have a happier tomorrow.