July 21, 2003

Death and Taxes

Chocolate Cake: So who is Crazy Eddie?

Sun Ra: Crazy Eddie owned electronic stores on the East Coast. Then he got thrown in jail for tax evasion.

Sun Ra: His prices were criminally insane.

Chocolate Cake: They didn’t arrest the prices?

Sun Ra: I think the prices escaped while the cops were busy with Eddie.

Chocolate Cake: They went through the roof.

Sun Ra: lol

Sun Ra: You sir, are a funny man. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Chocolate Cake: I have a newslette?

Chocolate Cake: *r

Sun Ra: How could you not have a newsletter? Everyone’s got a newsletter.

Chocolate Cake: Tax problems.

Chocolate Cake was one of my Junior Hobos last year at summer camp. We went on a six day river trip down the Namekagon and St. Croix. We raced lightning, fought solar-powered water pumps, dug in the trash, dodged drunk inner-tubers, ate too much cheese… all in a near-wilderness experience.
Look for this kid in a few years. He is absolutely hilarious.