July 30, 2003

under the masthead of heaven

Dane: So, are you still an editor at Outside Magazine?

Jon Krakauer: My name still appears on the masthead, but I haven’t had much contact with those guys over the last few years.

Dane: What happened?

Jon Krakauer: Writing books is much more fun.

Dane: How does one go about writing for Outside?

Jon Krakauer: Get in contact. I approached them with an article I wanted to write and they went for it. They’ve gotten much bigger since then, but it might still work.

Dane: Alright. We’ll try that.

Jon Krakauer: Good luck.

Dane: Thanks.

This is mindblowingly irrelevant, but I am now employed. In Japan. I leave on August 13th.
In other news, there is still no sex in the midwest. But right now, I don’t care.

Ahh, but that is entirely relevant. Congratulations, Dave! Soon we will know whether or not there is sex in Japan. Or something.

Everything I’ve heard thier is sex in Japan but it comes mostly in the porn and fetish area’s of the meaning of the word. To keep this relevent how about a story for Outside on backwoods sex in Japan?