August 9, 2003

“It’s so big,” she said.


Washington Pass, North Cascades National Park, Washington.

Keep your eyes on the Photolog for more pictures from last weekend. I still haven’t quite decided if I’m going to continue with the Photolog thing, though, or whether I’m going to resurrect the Photo Galleries. The Galleries are easy to browse because they’re organized by trip and date, but I find the absence of thumbnails on the main page a bit irksome. Makes me wonder what the hell kind of pictures would be in a thing called “Oregonasmic”. The Photolog is easy to check daily for updates, but we have seen in the last few months that I’m not much into daily photography updates. The Log is also more difficult to scan by subject, and doesn’t allow any gloss overview of pictures.

Sigh. I just can’t figure out what would be easiest and most enjoyable for both me and you.

That’s the problem with a lot of things.


The Photolog has been updated. Start here and work your way forward. The first photo will be familiar. The following photos are fresh and new. We like fresh and new, yes we do. Sing it now.