September 19, 2003


It be Internationarrr Talk Like a Pirate Darrr!

Having trouble gettin’ yar blood in ordarr? Have a look see at this histarrical note from last summarr:

Pirate Day here at camp, and t’is been a day of legends. Pirates invaded our camp through the waterfront (in a fine motorized craft with two canoe outriggers) and raised the Jolly Roger over the green waters of Lake Independence. I was among the roudy bunch, boasting a bandanna, a belt of rope and a powder blue suitcoat with the name “Enronbeard” on the back.

Read on about the Birth of Legends!

Their is nothing worse then hearing a bunch of engineers go around the office going “arr” to each other all day in the worst possible accent…. Other then watching Dane perched like a parrot in ski goggles stare at his computer.