October 12, 2003

Laser Wallet Surgery

Watched extreme ski videos over at H20 Joe’s tonight, and now I’m totally stoked for this winter. If I end up in the mountains when the snow starts flyin’ I’m gonna need to see what it takes to get into backcountry riding.

The Green Dragon Wagon is starting to sputter again, suggesting that my superball/electrical tape vacuum leak fix may be failing. This is not what it will take to get into backcountry riding. $400 could be spent on fixing my car, getting a season pass at Mount Hood Meadows, moving back to Minnesota, flying home for the holidays, getting a wetsuit to extend my kiteboarding season another month, or building a death ray.

Hmm. Of all the possibilities, only the death ray has the potential to pay for all the others. But really, how much death ray could you get for only 400 dollars?

No, really. How much?

A gamma ray death bomb? Are they crazy?
There was worry that by starting a war with _conventional_ weapons in Iraq we would create a whole new wave of resentful terrorists.
Now picture what might happen if they used a gamma ray death bomb. Haven’t they ever heard of Bruce Banner?
My god, what are they thinking?

To combat super powered terrorist mutants armed with Gamma Death Ray Bombs, the US will have to begin to build thier own super mutants.
Luke and Peter might be able to find work after graduation.
This should be supported if for no better reason to create geeky super mutants.