NorShor Theatre R.I.P.
A link to a copy of the email that the NorShor sent out (understanding that the NorShor actually can’t speak for herself and requires human people to scribe her thoughts).
And. A picture that made me weep.

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NorShor doors to stay closed
Financially strapped theater will shut down indefinitely, possibly eliminating a key arts venue
The co-owner and manager of the NorShor is Rick Boo, not to be confused with Team Boo, which is the most recent album released by Mates of State.
Thus our purpose is clear. We need to form a “Save the NorShor Theatre and Put Ourselves in Irreconcilable Debt” club. This club will be named “Team Boo.” Mates of State will play a concert along with any other artists we can dig up.
That, or hopefully a better idea presented by a person more familiar with these things than I.

damnit. that’s one more strike against returning to duluth. and sad at that, there were many a good memory there – halloweens and back-door non-smoke breaks, the first time that i saw low, the best times i saw low, slam poetry, black eyed snakes, drunken manueverings up and down the stairs, post-modern analysis of the homo-erotic mural, and you’re right – one of few nexus points for the pantheon of friends.
i’m gonna go cry now.

round about and carlson’s last spring…what’s next- the co-op, the brewhouse, amazing grace?
at least the lake isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
“One of the many pleasures of living in Duluth is that you have to look at the lake a lot,” writes Barton Sutter in his 1998 book Cold Comfort: Life at the Top of the Map. “You might only mean to get some groceries or a hammer from the hardware store, but on your way you see something so grand, so terrible and beautiful, that you absorb your daily requirement of humility just by driving down the street….I finally realized that the lake was God.”
-quote is quoted from “HEY, WE’RE IN DULUTH” by Peter S. Scholtes

the more about it i read, the sadder i get…
too many memories tied to a physical place. it was part of home for six years…part of the only home that i felt i have had.