nice thing about spinsanity (for lefty liberal types and righty repubs both) is that they’re non-partisan, apt to tear ann coultier apart as much they are michael moore. props to them for being all about getting through the b.s. and nothing much else.

Would today’s tykes tolerate the classic games you grew up with? Kids do say the darndest things in this uncut version of an EGM article; now with a bonus game not included in the original story!
Child’s Play

Oh my god Hank, that was hilarious!
EGM: Who’s that chick Mario is rescuing up there?
Brian: It’s Princess Peach.
Kirk: It’s a hooker.
Niko: She looks cut in half.
Tim: Oh wow – she’s one of those pole dancers.
…why, when I was a kid, were my peers not this witty and stylish?

This story has been /.ed please try again. Personally my favorite commentary on the article:
“It doesn’t even go over the net. It goes through it. I don’t even think that thing in the middle is a net.”
Their is no spoon.
I was actually expecting one of the kids to ask “Where is Mario’s health bar? What do you mean he dies after he gets hit once. Noone dies after one hit.”