February 28, 2004

No really, Smith rocks

This morning a note popped into my head:

Do you wish the Kool-Aid Man played a more active role in your life?

Today was my first day off from work since January 31st, so I finally got a chance to get out and climb Smith Rock. Let me tell you, it was epic. I haven’t climbed outside since July, but I’m top-roping strong 5.9 and early 5.10. Up until now I haven’t done any lead climbing, but I want to find myself leading 5.7 before too long. Before the pigeon attacks get me.

Slowly, ever so slowly, my existing world is being populated with strange locales with stranger names. Spiderman. Monkeyface. The Dihedrals. The Christian Brothers. The Wooden Ships. Morning Glory Wall. The Marsupials. Koala Rock. Barbeque the Pope. Jete.

“Phone Call from Satan” isn’t in the guidebook.
Did you check the index under “Phone Call from Satan?”
Check under “Satan, phone call from.”

DaNe, ClImB wItH mE sOmEdAy. the likes of modest mouse and J5 make the adventure easier on the ears.

YES!!! Nothing rounds out a serious session of climbing quite like the J5 crew et al. Funny thing about climbing gyms: no matter where you are in the country, you can always walk into a gym and hear Jurassic 5 pumpin’ over some tinny, blown speakers. Something about J5 resonates with climbers and gets us totally pumped.
Yeah. As soon as I get laid off from that damned mountain we’ll take to the new Soob and find some bitchin’ climbs down here in ol’ Central Oregon. Where poverty meets decadence. Where technology meets hillbillies. Where cowboys fight over internet domain names. Or something.
This place is kooky.

you best be havin’ time to meat me out in salt lake for some spring riding. I dont wanna climb nuthin