April 19, 2004


Lots of things. But mostly kicking ass. Spent Saturday shooting at defenseless woodland creatures with .22 caliber rifles. Bought beer from the Beer Cave, which is built out of real styrofoam and has a real jiggling skeleton holding a can of Budweiser. Got a complete stranger to pay for my gas station cappuccino.

On Sunday I went up to the mountain to clean out my locker, but the buzzards had already picked everything clean and all that remained were my crappy old goggles I got at Gart Sports in Dillon, Colorado. Erik and I spent eight freakin’ hours cleaning Lava House, which is now completely awesomest aside from the downstairs shower which no longer seems to drain properly. When the shower runs the toilet bubbles. Seriously. It’s like we have someone scuba diving in our john.

Also found out that Drano mixed with aluminium foil does not explode, despite what your friends told you in high school. This was a huge letdown. I also took the time to upgrade Movable Type to version 2.661. This wasn’t nearly as disappointing as the Drano episode, but I was sad to see that the most recent version of MT still didn’t have support for my brain/mouth FireWire.

Today I kicked major web design ass, and started using a number of advanced CSS techniques like they ain’t no thang. Took a hyperlinked header one tag and replaced it with a giant disembodied head. Took a graphical list of links and reproduced them, hoverstates and all, using an unordered list and one image. Used absolute positioning on header elements so I could have complete control over their order in the HTML code, lending a helping hand to search engines and people navigating the Internet with seeing-eye dogs alike.

Also just got back from this year’s Banff Film Festival. My favorite flick was by far the XTreme Trampoline one, followed closely by the one about the grassoline fellow who fuels his diesel truck with french fry grease. During the show my friend turned to me and said that that nutcase must be my long-lost brother.

My keyboard is missing exactly four keys. My new automobile features keyless entry. I see no reason my keyboard shouldn’t offer the same functionalty.

Today’s Helpful Tip:
My toilet used to bubble too, and the problem is actually with the ventilation. I never thought about it, but you need to have the toilet pipes ventilated so when you flush, the air in the pipes can dissipate somewhere thats not in the bathroom. the problem may lie in that your ventilation is clogged. Go up on the roof and see if any vents above the bathroom are clogged. My vent had a bunch of snow in it.

I’ll. Be. Damned. I woulda never thought of checking out the vents in a million years! Even if that’s not what’s goin’ on, I’ll do anything for an excuse to wander around on the roof.
I’ll bet our vents are stuffed with dead cats. Thanks, Doctor Luke!

I have found that live cats are quite entertaining when you tape two of them together, and then get the dog to chase them. Each cat wants to run a seperate direction, and when they decide on a common place to escape (like behind the couch), when they are taped together, they cant fit. Its a barrel full of laughs with live kitties.