April 29, 2004

Whose who’s who?

Hmm. I retooled the templates and stylesheets one more time, and with any luck things are finally getting to be stable enough that I can start resurrecting the dead sections of the site.

Check out the HTML code for this page. If it wasn’t for a few minor content glitches and piles of character encoding errors appearing in non-standard HTML hyperlinks, this pile would validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict. The really neat thing, however, is not whether or not it validates, but the fact that this site is currently using the same HTML template that most of my sites I am developing at work use. This template’s the bomb diggity, super-easy to manage, incredibly visible to search engines, and remarkably powerful when it comes to applying CSS styles.

Wanna know how cool it is? Need proof how cool it is? Reluctant to admit that I have created something ever-so cool? Do a Google search for Dane Petersen. Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.

See that? Cool, eh? Brainside Out even ranks higher than danepetersen.com, which is pretty cool but is something I’m never gonna gloat about. Never ever. Cuz ya see, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Dane Petersen, and he is a very talented musician from the Texas area with an off-the-wall sense of humor that no doubt would enjoy a workplace with growling Incredible Hulk Hands, flying wooden Buddhas and child-crushing garage doors.

What’s more, Dane Petersen can take all the credit for introducing me to Jeffrey Zeldman’s website a couple years ago, a discovery that totally invigorated my passion for web design. In the spring of 2001 it was the humor of Lileks.com that got me started, then in the wet hot American summer of 2002 the music and design stylings of DanePetersen.com took hold, and finally in that fateful fall the mad standards-ravings of Zeldman.com infected my brain.

And now, we’ve never felt better. And by ‘we’ we mean Dane Petersen. Which, of course, is me.

…and if you ever, ever, ever spell it ‘Peterson’, we will personally kick your ass out of Texas, cuz that’s right, you aren’t from Texas, and hell if Texas wants you anyway if you’re gonna be such a little bitch about it.

What is even stranger, if you look towards the bottom of the page, your UMD addressed webpage is still active. I thought that the tech people would have noticed, hunted you down, throttled you with a broom stick, and taken the disk storage for the poor souls they are constantly limiting to a measely 10 MB of server space. Poor saps….