May 24, 2004

Monday Night Fever

New Photo Gallery: Disco Bowling. You’re bound to like it. This one even has pictures of people in hot bowling positions!

I’ve been processing photographs for the last four hours. I’m going to bed to dream about fire-breathing robot dinosaurs that eat cars in football stadiums. If only there were such things in real life, I could be happy forever. Sigh.

Those aren’t girls, those are ladies, and they’re all friends from workin’ up at da Mountain.
Yeah buddy, just call me Sly. Where’s mah Stone? UGHH!

That there bowlin’ party was back in January, and I didn’t know ya’ll were ’round until after I mashed up my leg in March and had way too much time on my hands in front of the computer. Now look at me!
However, there is no reason that the next Bend Blogger Bash can’t take place amid classy shoes and mullets galore. I henceforth propose a Bend Blogger Bowling Night Out, wrought with fine dinery and beverages and flingin’ heavy objects down glossy lanes.
There’s also a killer Jurassic Park shoot-em-up game at Sun Mountain, with which I demand a rematch after gettin’ my ass chewed by some measley compys.
Yeah, and I challenege all ya’ll to a great ass-kicking on the air hockey rink. Who will be administering the kicks of ass and who will receive them, you ask? You’ll have to be there to find out!

Yea, and thine self shalt participate in yonder air hockey azz kicking, and er…
That Silent Scope game they have isn’t two player is it? If it were I would also render bloggers into swiss-bloggers, free of charge 🙂

BOWLING REPRESENT! AIR HOCKEY REPRESENT! …and a two-player version of Silent Scope, if such a thing exists, would be absolutely killah!
As far as bowling goes: we should set a date. Do we all still agree that Wednesdays are the best? If so, I’ll call Sun Mountain, see if they’ve got any crazy league bowling on Wednesday nights, or something…
…or, if we’re committed to the Disco Bowl Experience (which I must say, from Experience, is freakin’ rad) we’ll have to set aside a Saturday night for some rockin’ bowl action.

Dane! I hafta write on this here website to let you know its awesome….but I think the bestest part are those bad/kick ass pictures from bowling!! We’ll hafta make sure that next time we go we get a picture of you and me killing mad amounts of dinosaurs!! haha You rule our world daniac!!