June 4, 2004


At work. And drunk. And listening to gut-wrenching metal. A wise man one told me that getting drunk at work was the worst thing to do ever, because, like, you were drunk, but you were at work. To him it was a waste of drunkedness, a prime example of the innately evil soul-stealing nature of any company. Like what, are you gonna get completely out of control when you’re drunk at work? Are you gonna throw up in a planter? Are you gonna get laid? Nah, probably not. Are you going to hop on your email and fire off emails to your clients or your boss or the FBI, and say things that you will regret as you nurse your headache come the morn’? Yeah, probably. But that’s the price you pay for infamy. And while it takes a truly talented person to achieve fame, any idiot can royally screw up and become infamous. Me? I know I’m barrelling down one track. Or the other.

I’ve made a few more tweaks to Brainside Out, if you will kindly refresh your cache and send me lots of money. I cobbled together some archive templates for Coolio, that piece of junk link-whore-fest over on the right there, so you can now peruse all sorts of crap sorted by category, date and… uhh… like, name or something. I also tweaked a few colors and added inner shadows to content areas, and everything looks surprisingly good. These days everyone’s gettin’ all hot on drop shadows and bevels and such, and while I’m all for following trends and shopping at Ragstock I felt like trying somethin’ else. Word.

In other news, we had thunderstorms today. These were my first thunderstorms since leaving Minnesota, and I completely freaked out I was so excited. My boss and I ran out the garage door and hooted and hollered and stomped in puddles, and whenever the thunder rolled we would bellow at the heavens. Then he stripped down and streaked our entire business district in the pouring rain, and in so doing he instantly became my personal hero. On his victory lap he pumped his arms in the air while singing the Rocky theme song.

Dude. Who honestly thought that web design could kick so much ass?

Wow, I hope that wasn’t me bullshitting in a naked stupor on the balcony. I do not and will not support the not drunk at work idea. Now that I work among heavy machinery it sounds like an even better idea.
I am so forclempt
Talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic, the German Beer Purity Law was niether German Beer nor a Purity Law, discuss……….
On the subject of streaking, Any recomendations on the best songs to sing/have playing while steaking..
I recommend…
Brass Monkey