July 24, 2004


I left Bend. And now I’m back in Bend. And now I’m fairly drunk and it’s 2:50 in the morning and I just got back from a Studio 54 theme party thrown by some friends from the Mountain. And while this is indeed in Oregon, it is pleasantly similiar to the activities taken while back in Minnesota.

Thursday morning I crashed at 2:30 am, after chilling on the porch (and watching Invader Zim) with Chris and Nicole and Luke and Kelly at my parents’ place in Minnetonka. Wednesday morning I crashed at 2:30 am in Duluth, after hitting up Fitger’s Brewhouse with Laura and Sandy and Beth and Eric and a number of other people I had never met before, who had been spun into my web of familiarity regardless.

Given enough time and space, all things seem to circle back upon themselves.