September 29, 2004

A Hard Freeze Would Kill ’em

I’ve been mopping the floors tonight. I fixed a display issue in my previous entry, that was blowing up my blog index in a web browser that despite widespread popularlity, I choose not to use. I also cleaned up the navigation on the left, removing a few things that I felt inessential. The Weblog archives are still accessible through a link at the bottom of the index, and the Coolio archives can be accessed by clicking the Coolio header. Neat stuff.

I also added some color to form elements, cleaned up the contact page, and made some slight changes to contrast here and there to enhance legibility. Ya’ll probably won’t notice most of it. I spent the evening nursing a bad case of code head, which I resolved by going for a long run with Shane.

"Do you know what Roundup is?"

"Of course I know what Roundup is. I had an entire gallon of Roundup at my old place."

"That’s a lot of Roundup."

"I mixed it in a shallow pan with some milk, and left it out for stray cats."

"Why didn’t you just set out some anti-freeze?"

"Everyone suspects the anti-freeze. No one suspects the milk."