October 7, 2004


Captured! By Robots: Live at the Grove in Bend, Oregon

I’m freakin’ exhausted, and tomorrow morning I leave for a weekend trip down the Deschutes River. I need to start sleeping again.

Captured! By Robots was most excellent, and was everything you would think a band named Captured! By Robots should be. The Headless Hornsmen were dressed up as Bush, Cheney and Bush, and they played trumpets that stuck out of their chests. GTRBOT played one of those freakin’ cool guitars that are, like, double guitars, only one of the guitars was, like, a bass guitar. Whatever it was, it had FLAMES.

There were also talking apes and blown fuses and leather masks and moshing geeks and exercise videos featuring pregnant women. The evening could have been rivaled only by the earlier evening, where there were bloggers and Swiss chocolate and Donkey Kong and celebrity drunk-dialing.

Jesse’s account of the evening is much more thorough than mine, the quality of which I can only blame on my sheer amount of blood loss.