November 13, 2004

waking up in a tub of ice without kidneys

I am currently at a coffee shop in Hood River, and I must say that the last week or so has been an absolute blur. My trip to San Francisco last weekend was quite possibly the most impulsive and most exciting thing that I have done this year. I had a wonderfully productive lunch with a kiteboarder, the web design workshops I attended were most excellent, and I got to catch up with a friend from band camp who I hadn’t seen since freshman year in college.

Last night we gave Jane a great send-off party up here in da Hood, as this afternoon she will be travelling down to Salt Lake City to work at a ski resort for the winter. Jane, Lane and Dane, as well as a whole pack of climbing rats, hit up the new Warren Miller flick, and then swung over to Savino’s for some hip-hop jazz funk amalgamation by a band that had six members but only eleven eyes.

There’s still lots more to do.