January 4, 2005

Stop the Bleeding

Hmm. I could hammer out some banal story about the pains of moving, or how much it sucks to spend fifteen minutes scraping bulletproof ice off my car three times in a day, or how much crap I need to get tied up between now and then even while stumbling about in a drunken haze…

…but it all feels so inappropriate. With tsunamis in the East and assassinations in Iraq, I get the impression that in this new year the world is making every attempt to hemorrhage itself into oblivion. I dearly hope that I’m wrong, that this too will come to pass, but in the meantime there are things afoot that preempt the muse.

This month, this year, I encourage anyone who has the capacity to give, to do so. I don’t particularly mind which organization (or organizations) you choose to support, just so long as you take the time to contribute something somewhere. Pick something you believe in. Give to the Red Cross Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund, the Iraq Democracy Project, or the X Prize Foundation. Or give to something else entirely. These may be my personal favorites, but they need not be your own.

Let’s turn this baby around, and see what we can do to make the rest of 2005 a ripshitkickass year.

“Dane, your blocking customers that wish to purchase GORM!”
“Dane, your blocking custormers that wish to purchase FARTFULL!”
I dont know…they are both so beautiful. ah the fine poetry of IKEA

And me, I thought it was only a flesh wound…
I own the Po´┐Żng chair. For the uninitated… that’s ASCII code 0228, or ALT-0228 for the BBS minded. Muhahahahaha

HA! “Excuse me, could I please get to Gorm. Sir, you are blocking my access to Gorm. GRAUUGH! I NEED GORM! NOW!!!”
I still love all the books, including such well-known titles as Hanbok fur Havgalmben, Probem Lorsolven and Kommunist.