January 12, 2005

Est. 1906

We are currently at a coffee shop in our new home town of Hood River, where they let us look at the internets for free and listen to Prince mix tapes. Last night there was four inches of snow in town, which made some suicidal and others stupid. Driving was dangerous, and I dragged one fellow for three blocks before he finally came loose.

My previous home in Bend was a house built in 2004. Nearly a hundred years before that, someone built my home in Hood River. It’s an old Victorian house with all sort of neat angles and I feel like I could look at it all day.

At night the house creaks and groans as a hundred years worth of ghosts roam the hallways. My landlady says that it’s because the furnace is old and dying, but I’m sure she’s just saying that so I don’t get too scared.

Well, been wondering when you’d show up. Now don’t go scaring Pam with ghost stories. Hope it works out for you. i think you might be used to living with a rather more boisterous bunch. But hey, I know you’ll find some here in HR. Looking forward to ……..seeya soon