January 28, 2005


I’m still here. I’d say that I’ve been busy, except for the minor detail that I haven’t been busy at all. I’ve had plenty of free time and I’ve been spending it in fun and exciting ways. I’ve found myself hanging out with friends, with glass blowers, with local musicians. These people, these people are stories.

Sal received an orange and green scarf from a fellow in Cambodia. This is something significant.

Chris knows all about borosilicates and bakes bread. These are completely unrelated.

Dave makes beautiful plates out of stained wood.

Roy pays for utilities by acting as an excellent cook.

Seth is a great sound guy who runs an active sound board. This means he twists knobs frequently and makes musicians happy.

Brian plays drums. He loves open mic night at the River City Saloon because he is not allowed to make loud noises at home.

Nate sometimes lets Brian play harmonica with his band Top Soil.

Earl will melt your face off with his guitar solos, but he has a real hard time sitting back in the reeds.

If Charlie got another shot at life, he would like to come back as Frank Zappa.

Ed plays guitar, and he loves the vintage amplifiers that Charlie has restored.

Michael busts out some great hip-hop lyrics, but he always screams uncontrollably over the chorus.