February 3, 2005

You? You Needa Mahgeeta.

Okay, we’ve got ourselves a minor problem. The site is currently pitching a fit, and I cannot vouch for the quality of comment functionality. I’ve been testing the comments tool and it seems to crash rather frequently.

This, this I don’t mind. I’m used to working with broken software. I’m building some broken software myself right now. I work on things until they explode, and then I piece together the wreckage to figure out where everything went wrong. Unfortunately the comments tool doesn’t explode, but rather implodes and takes any useful diagnostic information along with it.

It’s like looking at a black hole and tryin’ to figure out what may be going on inside, but you don’t have all those virtual particles and anti-particles constantly bursting into existence and annihilating each other. Those fellers are useful because every once in a great while, a virtual anti-particle will cross the event horizon and fall into the black hole, freeing up its paired virtual particle, which gets emitted out into the universe and can be detected by really expensive tools buried in old iron ore mines beneath Tower, Minnesota. In effect, it’s as though a black hole emits energy, without actually needing to emit energy!

But I’m not getting that. Instead I get useless warnings that say sumthin’ went wrong, and I should contact my site administrator. I know better than that. It’s his Friday night and he’s probably passed out in a dumpster somewhere in Hood River.

Anyways. That’s not what we’ve convened here to discuss. A couple months ago a new indie record shop named Mobius Records opened up here in Hood River, so over the last few weeks I’ve been chatting with Kyle and buying a lot of great music that I’ve meant to pick up for years. Recommendations? I definitely have at least one recommendation.

You should totally check out It Still Moves by My Morning Jacket. I got this album a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of it. It’s one of those discs where it sounds great the first time you listen to it, but after hearing it a couple times it really starts to grow on you. After awhile, it fills such a huge void that you can’t imagine your life without it.

The mix on It Still Moves is absolutely huge, and just as warm. It sounds like they put the band at one end of Bend’s huge historic crane shed, set up the microphones at the other end, and fired away. The mix is so wet and echoey that the instruments and lyrics seem to bounce off every wall. Let me tell you, this album sounds amazing when you let it resonate through every room of a century-old Victorian house. Simply amazing.

The musical style of My Morning Jacket is a bit difficult to categorize. At first it sounds very emo, with mournful progressions and aching lyrics. Then you notice the optimism, the warm twang in his voice, and you start keying in on the deeper aspects of the music. You start picking up on patterns, and you realize that despite its modern sound, the songs are steeped in classic rock and roll, complete with old school rockabilly solos.

My Morning Jacket could almost be a sarcastic blend of old and new styles, of classic rock and country and emo, if only they weren’t so damned good at inventing their own sound in the process. So yeah, I’d recommend that you give Kyle a call and pick up this album. If he doesn’t have it in stock, he’ll special order it and ship it right to your door. And then, if the guitar solo on One Big Holiday doesn’t make you lose your freakin’ mind, I’ll let you punch me in the gut. While listening really loud to the guitar solo on One Big Holiday.

Yeah, I think that sounds good. How do you think that sounds? Of course, since comments are mostly broken you can’t let me know how that sounds. You see that? Yeah, I planned that.