March 1, 2005

More Noise, Less Signal

Geez the house is making an awful racket. My roommate snores. No, I take that back. My roommate doesn’t snore, so much as his throat simulates earthquakes. Tonight the windows are shuddering. The cat is pitching a fit over something or another, annoyed that he’s inside or outside or fat or not fat enough or something. To me, cats have two moods: living and other. Our furnace is moaning and groaning, demanding that we shovel more plague-ridden bodies into it.

I had a point but I lost it. Hey, it’s a new month! My search referrer strings for the day include such gems as “getting stitches taken out”, “grad school sucks”, “make your own nes cartridge”, “llama omni parts”, “kiteboarding in eden prairie”, and “take this job and shove it literally”. It’s amazing how closely those reflect real life. With the exception of llama omni parts. My iPod Shuffle shipped today, but the llama omni parts are back-ordered until April.

I like to think of search referrers as the magic eight-ball of the oughts. Sometime I may set aside a week and live in whatever direction the search referrers push me. Actually, that may not be far from what actually happens, now, what with quantum entanglement and everything.

I think I need to go lie down.