April 11, 2005

dressin’ it up all pretty-like

Well, we’ve cooked up a special treat for ya’ll tonight. You’ve all heard of our famous heroin smoothies, correct? Well, sit down and relax, and prepare yourself for the ultimate culinary experience… our methamphetimine lattes! Get yourself dialed into the full, rich taste of the Northwest today!

Well no, not quite. But it might help. At request, we’ve created a desktop wallpaper gallery, chock full of images to get ya’ll stoked on the forthcoming seasons. Dive in.

On the technical end of things, we’ve done some pretty cool stuff as well. In an attempt to stem the tide of bandwidth theft that is inevitable when one uploads high-quality images, we’ve cooked up an .htaccess file to limit outside banditry.

Also, the preview image for each background pops up in its own window! This doesn’t sound like an accomplishment, but the way we’re passing in this functionality is incredibly clean. For not being much of a programmer I’m incredibly obsessive about using clean and elegant code, and I finally found a technique that lets me create popup windows without torturing my HTML to oblivion. All it took was an extra class added to the hyperlink, and I’m okay with that. I’m so totally down with the philosophy of separating presentation and content, that it’s time to start abstracting functionality as well.

Anyway, go check it out. My hands are killing me.