April 21, 2005

Minimal Ramifications

That which was known as Coolio is now known as Sundries. If you are distraught in any way, or if you are having difficulty adjusting to this change, you will get over it.

I think I’m addicted to content. I used to regularly check out two or three websites throughout the day, and feel satisfied with all the neat stuff I read, learned and discovered. Now I’m up to about fifty, and I get irritated when they haven’t been updated in the last hour.

Mind you, I’m still spending the same amount of time online. It’s not like I’m spending 200 hours a day browsin’ the internet now, compared with four hours before. More like, I’m doing a heck of a lot more glossing and scanning these days, and far less digesting and comprehending. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds, because the total value of the information I’m gathering is minimal, good for up-to-the-minute news trivia and geek-culture quiz shows. In this, the year of the Blogosphere, we sacrifice quality for quantity.

I need to start reading books again. My brain feels like it’s stuffed with wadded-up copies of the Weekly World News.

Great! I love the material (4/5/05, 9/27/05). It reminds me of another time… You’ll be hearing from me. Normally, I find myself reading blogs when I need a break from homework. Therefore there is little proofreading that occurs. You have to let your guard down sometimes.

Sweet man, glad you like the stuff.
We here at Brainside Out encourage procrastination and frequently discourage proofreading. Our continual aim is towards a national drop in grade point average, as a direct result of our negative influence.