October 4, 2005

tweakin’ out on all this anti-wilderness

The Mates of State show last night was absolutely stellar, despite the fact that an ambiguous something overflowed in the gal’s bathroom and flooded the entire dancefloor with nearly a half-inch of water. Some people ran for higher ground, but a lot of us paid no mind and just kept dancing and splish-splashing. The classic image was one of the guys from the Triple Rock furiously stabbing at the floor with two mops, trying to keep the floodwaters back from a rack of sound equipment.

Mates of State played a bit of stuff off their new EP, plus a bunch of songs that are brand-spankin’ new. Charts from Team Boo had a strong showing as well, and while I would have loved to hear more songs from the older Our Constant Concern, I’m still ecstatic that they played my favorite song from that album.

These guys are a total riot to see live, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard two people make so much noise. Well, come to think of it, there was that one hot summer night while I was living at Lava House, where everyone on the street had their windows wide open and our neighbors were…

Nah. Mates of State were louder. It’s hard to compete with drums and organ.

This explains a lot, and explains why I was getting a hundred messages a day from [email protected] regarding “Ffdsafgfds.” When I disabled my contact form they went away, much to the annoyance of anyone trying to get ahold of me. Apologies. Remember that you can always shuffle through a thick stack of Jacksons and the sound will send me runnin’. Failing that, there’s some RegEx validation I’ll plug into the form to secure it from injections. Until then.

I played a gig with the Como Avenue Jug Band the other night, and I got to play sax (and jug, and hambone) seeing as how they already had a bass player. I wrangled up another musician along the way, the infamous Silent C (also known as Mark the Hot Chick), who played a kickass mandolin solo in the middle of an Irish drinking song. That’s the thing about the Como Avenue Jug Band… it’s all songs about drinking and fighting and crawdad huntin’ and catfish noodlin’ and outright raunchiness, and that’s what makes it so awesome. Plus, playing jug is so much damn fun.

Ahh, jug life is the life for me.

Meanwhile, The Current continues to be the best radio station ever. They play matt pond PA and Junior Senior and Halloween, Alaska and The Bad Plus and Atmosphere and a ton of other stuff I love but have never heard, before.

Oh. And Minnewiki is pretty cool, too, if you’re into that whole "Minnesota music scene" kinda thing.

Na, na, na, na.

OK, ok. So I see this article:
And I think to myself of the implications. Jokes first and then the sadness.
The headline reads:
Were you in the Visiting Room? … On Vacation?
It kind of reminds me of Invader Zim’s statement “Did I make it worse? Or better?” Of course you were in prison, jackass! You know that and everyone in your cell block is going to KNOW that picture of you at the Bahamas with your prison jumper is slightly off from reality.
Now the next best part is going to be the fact that you are trying to solicit business from prisoners. These people trade cigarettes for bitches! What is your tender going to be? I can tell you what might GET tender…but that is another story.